More Than Just A
Property Booking Software

ProSales is here to take care of business for property developers – better. We are the only dedicated online software system exclusively designed to help property developers to digitize their sales and marketing journey including property handover.

Digitalize Sales Marketing

Nurture leads until they become sales-ready. Automatically route them to the right representatives at the right time. Track the effectiveness of converting every lead.

24/7 Property Booking

Get work done, wherever you are. Whether you’re working on-site, at home or out of the country, you’ll have 24/7 access to our property booking software.

Real-time Reporting & Analytics

ProSales stores all important information safely in one place. It makes it easier to prioritize tasks and make swift decisions based on data.

Losing Potential Sales

Keeping track of leads can be time-consuming and difficult to manage, and may result in the loss of sales.

Manual Reporting

Hiring data entry staff to compile weekly or monthly reports is expensive and inefficient. Manual reporting also carries a high risk of human error and inaccuracies.

Double Booking

Unless sales teams are keep updated every minutes, else they won’t readily know the latest unit’s status and details – this can cause double bookings and delays.

Wrong Calculation Of Commission

Wrong calculation of commissions for sales persons or agents happens due to human mistakes that are bound to happen from the time-consuming and stressful task of complex manual calculations.

Mistakes During Sale Submission

Illegible handwriting and missing information causing late submission for physical booking forms which causes loss of sales opportunities.

Losing Track Of Defect Records

Not managing and tracking property defect records give a bad impression to property buyers and negatively affects the property developer’s reputation in the market.








What ProSales can help?

Eliminate Traditional Sales Chart

Improve Sales Effectiveness & Efficiency

Digitize All Manual Paperwork & Reporting

Automate Complex Commission Calculation

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