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What is Internet of Things (IoT)?

What is Internet of Things (IoT)?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming an increasingly important part of the technology industry, the simplest and most straightforward explanation on IoT is:

Andy Griffiths, president at Samsung Electronics UK and Ireland

“Imagine walking into a house where everything is controlled by your mobile phone – you can switch the lights off before you get into bed, turn the heating up if it gets chilly or even make sure that all your dirty clothes are washed in the washing machine, all from the touch of a button on your mobile phone.

The Internet of Things is when all of the electrical items in your house, like your fridge, oven, TV, microwave, washing machine and mobile phone are all connected to each other over the Internet so that you can control them from one another – almost like they are talking to each other!

All of these electrical items are really clever and can collect information about when and how you use them. They can then use this information to help make your life easier, so there’s more time to do fun things and less time to do things like household chores!”

IoT is producing powerful changes in the real estate sector!

First of  all,  IoT enhances the connectivity of our physical world, for instants, sensors and systems are installed to collect large amounts of data from both inside and outside of the buildings.  The collected data can be analyzed and then used in a bid to optimize the manner of occupation and operation of a premise and its entire infrastructure. 

Systems, as well as buildings and to the extent of individual rooms, can learn and react to the occupants’ behavior. For example, HVAC systems now have the capability of adjusting the heat, air conditioning and lighting, responding to the presence/absence of occupants, rather than being controlled manually. Having used of these systems over time, by learning the usage of its patterns, will result in finding the best way to maximize performance and cut down energy costs.

Further, when security systems are linked to smartphones or security passes, it will allow property managers to identify emergency services, such as whether a building is clear or determining areas and find anyone that is in danger/trapped.

The IoT is producing revolutionary changes in the real estate industry and has the potential to provide great benefits to all including the realtors and purchasers. It should be noted that anyone who does not embrace modern technology and adapt appropriately will definitely faces the risk of being left behind, losing new purchasers, and, thus, suffering a slowdown in revenue streams.

Therefore, let’s stay connected by adapting to the modern technology, connect the real estate agents/sales representative to potential purchasers, help home owners and your business to carry out a range of smart activities with ease. ProSales, our highly performing mobile app digitize from the point of sales prospecting to handing over of Vacant Possession, then Defect Management, we strive to improve efficiency and increase company’s saving. Contact us today for a Free Demo.

What is “Big Data” Technology ?

What is “Big Data” Technology ?

Big Data is going to control the businesses all over the world.  It is impacting our lives in so many ways, we see schools and universities introducing the subject to its students and making it part of main stream education. So, all of us, in business, really, need to understand what Big Data is and how it is changing our lives.

Here is one of the Big Data definitions that most of us could understand:

“Can you write down your name and your age? I am sure you can. Can you write it down for everyone in your class? Or for everyone in your school? Or everyone in your town? Everyone in the country? Everyone in the world? And then write down their age, their favorite color, their favorite animal, their favorite TV programs, almost anything you can think of … for millions and millions of people.

That’s too much, isn’t it? You can’t do it, and I can’t do it. But some computers can do this, and we call it ‘big data’. Data is all the stuff we are writing down and you can imagine, for millions, billions, gazillions of people it is really BIG.

What can we do with all this data? We can find patterns. For example, people making television programs may discover that children who like music really like drawing too, so they could make a new program about music and art. Or hospitals could discover that people who like different foods may get sick in different ways as they get older. That could help families and doctors look after our grandparents better.”

Donald Farmer, Qlik’s VP of product management

The Importance of Big Data Technology to The Real Estate Industry

With the understanding of the simple definition of “Big Data”, let’s see how it has impacted the real estate industry. Data allow the real estate experts to spot trends (or patterns as mentioned above) and are in better position to predict, analyze, also to anticipate the effects of the relevant trends, which allows them to be better prepared if they come into sight. For example, what will be the most popular and demanded number of rooms in a condo / landed property in a specific location.

Big data makes the sales and purchase processes smoother and simpler so that both sellers and buyers will be well-informed.  Sellers/housing developer will use the collected data to make better decisions, for instant, the selection of location for new project development.  Where-else, buyers will have a better understanding of the environment and local community of their dreamed properties.

Businessman/ people will be provided with detailed property information regarding latest surveys, full lists of properties for sale/rent, maps with regions where properties can be filtered by its value and so on. The main idea is to give people clear and true information, encourage transparency and decrease fraudulent.

The future of Big Data Technology is very optimistic and NO one can afford to take no notice of it.  So, let’s think about the development of your own data-driven software, you may need a mobile app to start with that works with Big Data. ProSales, our highly performing mobile app digitize from the point of sales prospecting to handing over of Vacant Possession, then Defect Management, we strive to improve efficiency and increase company’s saving.  Contact us today for a Free Demo.

What is PropTech ?

What is PropTech ?

James Dearsley is well known as one of the leading thought leaders on the future of the real estate market. As the Co-Founder of Unissu and the global leader of PropTech data, information and resources, he has an un-excelled view on global PropTech trends that makes him a popular speaker on the future of the property industry both in terms of how people and companies in the sector should adapt to facilitate change. Where-else, Andrew Baum is Professor of Practice at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, where he leads the Future of Real Estate Initiative,  a four-year industry-supported research programme focused on the 2025-2030 impact of innovation and technology on the global real estate industry.

In 2017, both of them, James and Andrew Baum collaborated to carve out the following definition of PropTech :

PropTech is one small part of a wider digital transformation in the property industry.  It considers both the technological and mentality change of the real estate industry, and it’s consumers to our attitudes, movements and transactions involving both buildings and cities.

While others defined it as below:

PropTech (Property Technology) is the use of information technology (IT) to help individuals and companies research, buy, sell and manage real estate.

What PropTech Meant for People and Companies – technological and mentality change?

We have experienced and will see more disruptive forces in how we live, communicate, work, play, and most of all, the way of communication. This means, everyone have to adapt to new trends like:

  1. To do selling, checking on properties availability, people need to have the ability to access information remotely and instantly. Both people and companies can search, obtain, compare and respond to enquiries on 24/7/365 basis, without having to be in the office physically or making a phone call personally.   Direct communication on a highly performed mobile app is the key.
  2. To attract prospective buyers, companies have to spend more time and money in building an online presence, otherwise, they will be left behind.  The next thing in line is to build conversion goals, funnels and events, tracking online ads and split testing the landing pages and sales pages to discover more ways to increase conversion, those action plans are the key to success in terms of sales growth.

For sure that by spending time and money for more (business) visibility on mobile apps and social media will create branding opportunity and selling success.

ProSales, our highly performed mobile app digitize from the point of sales prospecting to handing over of Vacant Possession, then Defect Management, we strive to improve efficiency and increase company’s saving.  Contact us today for a Free Demo.

Stay Ahead Of Your Competition

Stay Ahead Of Your Competition

There is a need to automate your social media marketing with fun and simple way and that will increase the chance of sales conversion.

Salesman used to search for property information like availability, the prices, sizes and etc and a lot of time will be spent to ensure the property is not doubled sold. With so much to gather and compile manually, to avoid costly human error and misrepresentation , they tend to waste time ensuring the presented information are latest and accurate. Those days are all well behind us if we choose to automate the sales closing process.

This means, the salesman will be equipped with organised and timely data mentioned earlier on the “fly”.  Salesman can search up property details anytime and anywhere while prospective buyers can decide faster, without hesitation and most importantly can narrow the choosing process on their own quicker even during non-business hours.

On top of that, a great deal of repetitive clerical paperwork can be eliminated as the automation can improve the information flow, while mountains of valuable organised/analytical information relating to prospects are made available to assist in identify new strategies to increase sale.

Automation can do better and ensure you stay ahead of your competition. Paperwork, prospects/buyers management, and even many customer service tasks can all be automated and they are used to enhance your productivity and achieve the sales goal.

At ProSales, we provide property developers with automation solution/tactics in their sales management process with an aim to keep the leads properly managed and thus achieve your sales goals. You are welcome to Contact us today to schedule a FREE demo.

Are online auctions the way of the future? PropTech App – Auction Now

Are online auctions the way of the future? PropTech App – Auction Now

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Are online auctions the way of the future? Leading Australian auctioneer Damien Cooley has built an online Auction App called Auction Now. He gives his insights on how Tech is having a big play in the real estate sector especially with online auctions.

Auctions play a big role in transacting real estate and being able to watch live auctions online from anywhere in the world and to have the ability to bid online will streamline the auction process.

Check out what Damien has to say about his PropTech App –  Auction Now – in the video below.