A great customer experience starts with the right call!

Customers: 3 Great Tips To get Close and Personal!

New Exciting Experience in Property, Starts With Timely Communication

Customer experience is as the words describe it to be – the experience of a customer with you!

It encapsulates the whole experience of customers seeking to fulfil their whys. How you act through this process plays a huge role on their perceived experience with your company. As customers interact with you, they start to build a perception of your company and brand that influences their behaviour. If you are able to successfully address their whys in the way that they perceive it to be good with the product you have, you’re well on your way to creating a good experience for them. 

Similarly, to achieve an exciting experience for buyers in the property market, developers must spend time and effort to target them and gain leads strategically. However, that is just half of the battle. All the good and hard work done to generate inbound marketing is often wasted once the hot lead becomes cold raising the chances to lose a possible customer!


A great Malaysian blogger, Charles Tan founder of, has clearly stated the following recommendation. 

If, as a property developer, it is just leads that you are looking for, then just put a lot of money in social media campaign and there they come, tons of leads… How good they might be and how many “real” new customers will be acquired, is all another story!

How then to get good quality leads? Those customers that register and are eagerly waiting for your call? Charles recommended a three-step process.

The Importance of the Message

Define the right message you need to post to make sure customers will find you.  First you need to listen to them and give your potential customers what they are looking for. Surveys and open questions games will help enormously in this. One important thing to keep in mind is that today, customers at large, do not ever take a “buy decision” without checking reviews, and this happens for dining out as well as buying a smart phone or, eventually, a property.


Can we all imagine how many reviews a customer will look at when it comes to property? Let’s make sure the right message is there and is supported by good and truthful reviews.

Priority to Brand-building

Make sure customers can find you or, translated in marketing language, you must have a well-positioned and strong brand! Ask yourselves these simple questions and you will get the meaning of the above:

  • Have I done enough for my branding and awareness?
  • Do potential customer already know me? 
  • Do property investors know my brand?
  • Do I have a recognisable brand even though is not recognised as top one?

Are You Ready for Conversion?

Are you ready for conversion? Believe me, this is by far the trickiest question as here is where the loss of time and money kicks in.


When you’re not ready for conversion, I’m talking about virtual tools, you will definitely find yourselves at the losing end! New customer experiences is what property buyers are looking for, do you provide them with a 360 video, drone views, virtual tours, walkthrough and more? Is your team ready to pick them up once they have completed the virtual experience and get your interested customers to receive a first class online and still virtual treatment?

If a property developer is not ready to convert, even 10,000 leads will be wasted! In our data-driven world today, it is always better to calculate, ponder on the results, and make strategic decisions to increase the conversion rate from LEAD-TO-CUSTOMER. More often than not, it is better to have lesser leads but of superior quality, with a well-equipped team which serves the customers in an unforgettable manner.      

We all need to get reminded that buying a new property is a step towards building dreams. As customers, they invest a lot of time, effort, emotional and mental energy into the process. But it’s not as simple as “I have a question. Let me Google the answer.” Customers, fortunately I would say, don’t always get the answers they need on the Internet.

Strategic Partnership

That’s where the strategic partnership ProSales-Avanser fills the gap. With Avanser’s system fully integrated in its platform, ProSales can answer all your customers’ enquiries and accompany them through their property-buying journey.


Think of Avanser as your sales office’s highly personalised concierge. With the ‘click to connect’ button on the website, Avanser will provide your potential customers with instant and free phone calls to the sales representatives, developer’s sales team or agents, who are always on standby and ready to help them.

On top of that, Avanser automatically tracks, records, and evaluates each call to provide timely information and real time actionable data to the developers. Did we also mention that there is a ‘missed call notification’ to ensure zero sales lead goes cold?

With Avanser’s intelligent call centre, ProSales Solution 2.0 will allow developers to timely know where leads are coming from, engage with customers on a more personal level and, above all, within a much quicker response time.

With Avanser’s fully integrated solution in its platform, ProSales Solution 2.0 enables developers to improve operation transparency and efficiency and never missing a prospect’s call anymore. Let’s make every phone call count, every lead count and totally transform conversion rates or LEAD-TO-SALES together!

Let us know your thoughts, challenges and pain-points, we are here to help resolving them and transform the way property sales have been carried on till today!

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About The Author


Alfred Tan has more than 20 years of experience in consultancy, marketing, sales, operation, business development and partner alliance within the regions of Asia Pacific and Indian Sub-Continent. He is the Chief Entrepreneur and Storyteller (a.k.a CEO) of MNC Tech Sdn Bhd. You can reach him directly through his LinkedIn page here.