Excelling in Lead Generation and Lead Nurturing

Lead generation – it is vital to take every lead seriously and do not loose any even if it isn’t immediately relevant.  Leads should not be easily undervalued as no one knows if such lead may help down the road whether it’s just a contact number or an email address before they are being “explored” and pursued to the fullest in order to turn a lead into a prospect, then a client and finally a closed client. Sales agents are good at dealing with hot /ready to buy leads, usually, but not so much with early stage ones-that may be made up of insane high percentage of low-quality leads. So, it is essential that the agents are monitored by the property developers so that problem of losing real quality leads can be minimized.

Lead nurturing – is an organized way to begin and continue conversations with prospects. Its objective is to cultivate a relationship to ensure that the leads keep the name of the sales agents at the top of their minds. A good CRM system will play a major role in nurturing leads as it helps in organizing contacts, automate the ability to stay in touch with both new and old prospects and thus, maintain a working rapport in one central location whereby compelling, knowledgeable information is well- distributed with an aim for clients re-engagement including asking for their feedback and add an valuable incentive to create a sense of urgency so as to achieve a successful sales closure.

3 simple steps to ensure the leads / prospects / would be buyers are well-handled and be provided with excellent services all along the sales funnel:

1. Track the communication

Use the right CRM system to ensure the communication is done properly for every single lead, trace and track the follow ups and work with the agents closely to avoid faulty communication.

2. Measure the quality of service

Believe it or not, don’t leave everything in agent’s hands. Get internal sales team to call prospects about the services provided or email them with a set of basic feedback questions.

3. Train your agents constantly

After the above, identify the individual agent flaws, if any, then take the necessary action to train, re-train the agents as the better they are, the better their service will be and most of all, help them to close the deal accordingly.

Nurturing leads to a sale closure involve both time and effort. Prospects/would-be buyers have easy access to other options and this is the reason they take time to be converted. It is reckoned that implementing an effective lead nurturing strategy that firstly communicate effectively and thereafter engaging interactively with leads shall improve the chances of sales conversion accordingly.

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