MarTech Series:
How To Manage & Optimise Leads?

You have taken the digital leap. There is an increase in the number of leads but the conversion rate is stagnant. Good customer service corresponds to fast response time. Find out how lead generation and management solutions can help your sales team convert incoming inquiries to high-quality leads

During this lockdown period, there are lots of uncertainties and questions that are left unanswered in these challenging times. To address some of those questions, we looked at our internal data of more than 500,000 sales leads across 5 countries in the South-East Asia region and share the insights & action plans that you can implement immediately!

As one of Malaysia’s fastest growing tech startup , SalesCandy guarantees that their platform is able to increase lead-to-sale conversion rates by 15% in 60 days. Learn how to improve your sales performance from these tech gurus. Don’t let your precious LEADS go to waste any longer!

SalesCandy made headlines for securing clients from around South East Asia in less than 18 months of operations! Speed matters when it comes to increasing lead-to-sale conversion rates. Allow us to show you how to optimise ROI by shortening the sales cycle!

Special Guest:
Mr. Jeffry Chan – Chief Growth Officer of Sales Candy

MarTech Series: How To Manage & Optimise Leads?