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ProFix – What benefit does it bring for Homeowners?

Have you ever gone through the process of owning a new home? Having to deal with handover and defects. Especially during the Defect Liability Period (DLP) which will last for 24 months, though it might seem long, but homeowners still struggle with the process and time.

But if you have not gone through the process of owning a new home before and is wondering what is this “Defect Liability Period”? The Defect Liability Period also known as “DLP” is a period where the developer is responsible for all the defects found in the property. The period will last for 24 months and will start on the day you receive your keys.

Problems faced by Homeowners during the “DLP” period

There are tons of issues faced by homeowners, most of them are mainly having the complained form being submitted but forgotten, going through the hassle of listing all the defect in writing, or even marking defect with stickers. Don’t forget that these are just the “few” of the many issues being stated by homeowners. So, the big question is how do we solve these problems?

Technology has been around for ages, but we always tend to go back to our old ways due to fear of trying something new or leaving your comfort zone. That’s why as a tech enthusiast, I would like to introduce “ProFix

What is ProFix?

ProFix is an app that is used for different reason like, Vacant Possession and Handover. ProFix enables handovers using your smartphone devices. It can also use to ensure all your paperwork complies with the building regulations, contract requirements, and inventory list. All these information can be accessed with just a tap on your smartphone devices.

Any defect can also be submitted digitally through ProFix. I know, you’re wondering why use ProFix for defect when you can just do it the general way. Before we get into any arguments or disagreement, let me provide you the process for both Conventional way and ProFix to further your understanding.

Process for Conventional Way

Well first and foremost you must prepare all the necessary equipment down below:

  • Key
  • Pen
  • Paper
  • Measuring Tape
  • Marker pen or sticker
  • Ladder
  • Camera
  • Bucket

After the preparation is done, the next step is an inspection on every corner of the place making sure all is good. But if you find a defect, you got to label it, write it down on a paper, and take a picture. And if the defect is at an unreachable location, you can use the ladder that you brought with to climb up there and go through that same process again. It may sound all simple, but this process may last up to several hours due to the number of procedures needed to be done for a single defect. Once the inspection is done, you are required to submit the defect report to developer. Developers will then have 30 days to make repairs and after it is done, they will contact you.

Now the process above only applies if everything goes smoothly, what if for example, developer did not respond to your defect. What do you do? The alternative option is to appoint your own contractor to proceed on the repairs and collect the cost of repair from the developer’s lawyer.

Process for ProFix

All you need is:

The preparation is straightforward, and for the inspection process, if any defect is found, just turn on ProFix, snap a picture and submit. If you’re wondering that’s it? Yes. And I know some of us would be thinking, what if there’s no signal for Mobile data or no Wi-Fi? Don’t panic, ProFix has an Offline feature where any defect image taken would be submitted once connected. Once the defect is being submitted, developer will be in touch with homeowners through ProFix as they are able to see the images taken by the Homeowner. Once developer checked and approved the defect, contractor will be auto-assign through ProFix and homeowners are able to view the schedule and progress on real time. Once everything is done and fixed, developer will notify Homeowners through ProFix that the defect has been repaired.

What are the differences between Conventional Way and Profix?

So, now that both the process has been explained, let us break down on their differences. First, equipment wise, instead of bringing multiple things like, pen, paper, etc. For ProFix, all you need is your key to enter the property and your phone with the ProFix application. How about the defect process? Climbing, marking, writing, snapping picture, why go through such a troublesome process and waste several hours? Instead of that, all you need to do is open ProFix and snap the defects. How about the submission process? Instead of submitting the form physically, ProFix offers to get every process done paperless and submitting it digitally.

Additionally, ProFix offers analysis reports for defect and detailed defect report can be exported as an Excel file.


With that being said, I think people often have different view and perspectives for things. Some people might find this interesting, some may not. But personally, ProFix might not be perfect, but it’s good enough to outweigh all the drawbacks it has. ProFix might not be for everyone, but it’s will always be there to offer a convenience and paperless experience for everyone.

If you’re interested in ProFix after reading this article, please feel free to contact us for more information.