Property Online Purchase 101: Home Buyer’s Guide

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Malaysian Property Talkshow:
“Property Online Purchase 101: Home Buyer’s Guide”

Property buyers have traditionally made purchase decisions at sales galleries and offices, giving property sales team great power to study and influence their prospective clients’ behaviors and preferences.

​​Millennials, who have grown up in a digital environment, are now the largest group of property buyers and couple with the rise of digital marketing and smart technologies have now threaten this long standing property sales pattern.​​

However, great as the digital medium is, due care must have had to purchase a property online. A homebuyer cannot afford any carelessness in the process.​​

So much has been discussed about digital marketing and property technology from the seller perspective but very little has been talked about from the buyer’s perspective, discuss with the buyers and explore the steps leading up to purchasing a property online in Malaysia.​

Dr. Daniele Gambero – Deputy President of Malaysia PropTech Association
Ms. Vanda Chan – Digital Marketing Specialist

Special Guest:
Dato’ Aric Ng – President of Mobile Commerce Association of Malaysia and Honarary President of Persatuan Usahawan Maju Malaysia

Malaysian Property Talkshow: Property Online Purchase 101: Homebuyer’s Guide

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