ProSales | Your Property Digital Solution For The Best Online Experience

End-to-End Property Digital Solution Allowing Simple, Fast & Efficient Property Buying Journey.
ProSales Brings Your Entire Real Estate Experience To The Next Level And Into The Future
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Who Benefits From Using This End-to-End Property Digital Solution?

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Sales Agent

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Your Virtual Property Data Center For Project’s Information, Sales Tools and Collaterals.
All This At Your Fingertips On Any Mobile Devices

Access all data and functions from anywhere, at anytime with ProSales Property Digital Solution.
Technology improves workflow by minimizing unnecessary interruptions.

ProSales | Your Property Digital Solution

ProSales totally Transforms project presentation and booking experience,  Enhances customer relationship management, and Increase effectiveness of your sales team remote working. Projects’ On-The-Go sales office has just became real.

360° Virtual Tools

Capture your product in the best possible way with a 360 degree virtual showcase and 3D renders. Virtual tours give property buyers an enhanced sense of what they will be able to experience before receiving the real property!

Henna 360° Show Unit Photo

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The Pano 360° Gallery Photo

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YOLO 360° Gallery Photo

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Isola 360° Gallery Photo

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The Mate 360° Show Room Photo

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Equine 360° Gallery Photo

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is ProSales resolving double booking concerns and eliminate traditional sales charts?

Avoid Double Bookings & Eliminate Traditional Sales Chart

  • ProSales eliminates the risks of double bookings caused by traditional sales chart generated through Excel and other similar commercial products. Our solution uses a digital sales dashboard which allows immediate recording and sharing of latest information. All sales teams and agents can assess it online from anywhere at anytime.

How can digital property solutions improve the property sales booking process?

  • ProSales Property Digital Solution adopts digital sales form method allowing sales persons and agents to submit their sale records at anytime from anywhere
  • ProSales user-friendly interface improves the whole sales process effectiveness and efficiency by eliminating all unnecessary procedures
  • By using ProSales, sales persons and agents are able to complete a property sales booking within minutes

How all the time consuming paperwork and reporting can be eliminated?

  • Digitize all the sale documents and store in ProSales Property Digital Solution
  • Real-time reporting can be accessed at anytime to get the latest sales report
  • Various types of sales report can be generated in seconds on the dashboard

Can ProSales help saving time when it comes to calculating sales commission?

Yes! Only ONE step to the full automation of your commission calculation!

The ONE and only step: Setup the commission profile of the project in ProSales dashboard, then ProSales Property Digital Solution will take care of all the calculations and reporting/statistics for you.

  • Support Hierarchical and Tiered commission profiles
  • Support Multiple Stage commission payout
  • Automated commission amount generation during sales confirmation
  • Automated commission payout status and readiness based on collection