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The Sharing Economy & the impact on the Real Estate Sector

The sharing economy (SE) is an umbrella term for a variety of goods and services exchanged between private individuals, usually facilitated through a company over a network. Driven by big data and the internet, the SE connects those who wish to utilize a service or a product, but not necessarily want to buy it.


Example of company based on  SE – AirBnB, with the advantage of a low operating cost compared to traditional hotel chain offers its members more competitive accommodation rates, additional benefit like hosted tours of the local culture which are attractive to most modern tourist who are looking forward for real and learning experience and exposure.  To address this change in tastes of customers in the market, hospitality providers must counter it by providing more value instead of just banking on conventional star ranking marketing strategy.

The Shared Workplace

The shared workplace/Co-working provides many of the amenities of traditional serviced offices and places with greater emphasis on cost-effectiveness that is found to satisfy both management and employee needs. This model has proven to bring unique connectivity to the shared workplace that previously had not existed.  However, from the property valuation standpoint, “shorter-term leases and higher tenant improvement allowances could increase cash-flow concerns and create greater tenant turnover among traditional landlords impacted by this co-working trend. Nevertheless, others view the impact as longer term and often positive, because of the attraction of Millennials to shared work environments.

In an increasingly globalized and networked world, this real estate trend of SE holds a huge potential, but affects professions dealing with the construction or management of properties. Imagine that a decrease in demand for buildings may result in reduced demand for construction companies, architects or property owners. But, instead, the SE may bring many new technological opportunities that could encourage quicker communication between supply and demand in the real estate sector positively, ultimately.  And for sure, the future of the real estate sector remains an exciting one with -Sharing Economy.

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