What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

The Artificial Intelligence (Al) techniques have become broader application. Many ideas invented by AI researchers have been assimilated into computer science generally for applications in expert systems, natural language processing, human-machine interaction, information retrieval, graphics and image processing, data mining, and robotics . The agents theme serves to unify what might otherwise seem to be a collection of disparate topics.

Everything you need to know about Artificial Intelligence

At a very high level artificial intelligence can be split into two broad types: narrow AI and general AI.

Narrow AI is what we see all around us in computers today: intelligent systems that have been taught or learned how to carry out specific tasks without being explicitly programmed how to do so. This type of machine intelligence is evident in the speech and language recognition of the Siri virtual assistant on the Apple iPhone, in the vision-recognition systems on self-driving cars, in the recommendation engines that suggest products you might like based on what you bought in the past. Unlike humans, these systems can only learn or be taught how to do specific tasks, which is why they are called narrow AI.

Artificial general intelligence is very different, and is the type of adaptable intellect found in humans, a flexible form of intelligence capable of leaning how to carry out vastly different tasks, anything from haircutting to building spreadsheets, or to reason about a wide variety of topics based on its accumulated experience.

Artificial Intelligence(AI) will transform these Industries:

  • Education industry

Now, AI-powered appointment scheduling software exists so that teachers and parents can make time to meet with best for both parties, so that never result rushed five-minute conversation with little information shared. Classroom can implement small tartile robots for student to interact when study. These AI-fueled bots help students with reading, language learning, and social interactions.

  • Healthcare

AI in healthcare is vast and the technology has been transforming the industry by providing better healthcare solutions. The combination of AI and the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) are making healthcare professionals more efficient. The technology is useful in early detection, diagnosis, research, and training. Applications powered by AI technologies are helping people with proactive management of a healthy lifestyle.

  • Small business

Even though small businesses have fewer contacts than large companies, a small business might only have few data analysts who have to contend with over 500 or more than that customers’ information: account history, demographics, restrictions, and more. To streamline this process, machine learning software can be used to take pressure off of data analysts. 

  • Construction

Artificial Intelligence(AI) is the new helping hand for the construction industry. Advanced forms of technologies are being used in the industry and making our much simpler. AI is useful in gathering data and processing and predicting based on the information. The technology is useful in planning stages, construction underway and post completion of the project.

  • Real estate industry  

In particular, AI Chatbots as powerful tool for lead generation by automating the initial contact between buyers and sellers. The connection saves time and resources while enable answer to inquiry efficiently. It provides solutions and most importantly, it is a synonym for great customer experience in an instant and trendy manner.

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