Why ProSales?

Why ProSales?

ProSales | The Best Online Experience Possible

Update Your Entire Real Estate Experience With A Simpler,Faster & More Efficient Solution

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Who Can Benefit from This Full-Fledged Property App?

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Virtual Enclave of Data, Information, Sales Tools and Feedback
All in One Click

Access all data and functions from anywhere, at anytime with ProSales web-based system. Technology improves workflow by minimizing unnecessary interruptions.

ProSales App

ProSales is meant for project presentation, bookings, and customer relationship management. It can be used remotely because all information and functions are uploaded to the app for greater convenience.

ProFix App

ProFix comes in handy for project handover processes. Use it to schedule vacant possession and handover appointments. It also comes with a defect management module to assist developers and contractors. Deal with home buyers and fix the problems quicker!

360° Virtual Tools

Capture your product in the best way possible with a 360 degree virtual showcase and 3D renders. Virtual tours give buyers an enhanced sense of what they’re able to experience before stepping into the real space.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How will ProSales solve double booking concerns and eliminate traditional sales chart?

Eliminate Traditional Sales Chart

  • ProSales can eliminate the risks of traditional sales chart which is using Excel. We move away from Excel usage and share latest data and information through our digital sales dashboard that can be access by all teams and agents from anywhere and anytime.

How do we improve the property sales booking process?

  • ProSales adapted digital sales form method to allow sales persons and agents to submit the sales at anytime, anywhere
  • User-friendly interface that improve the effectiveness and efficiency by eliminated the unnecessary procedures
  • By using ProSales, sales persons and agents able to complete a property sales booking within 5 minutes

How to eliminate the hassles of paperwork and manual reporting?

  • Digitize all the sale documents and store in ProSales
  • Real-time reporting can be accessed at anytime to get the latest sales report
  • Various types of sales report that can be generated in seconds

Can ProSales help you save time when it comes to calculating sales commission?

Yes! Only ONE step to automate your commission calculation!

The ONE and only step: Setup complex commission profile in ProSales then ProSales will take care the complex calculation for you.

  • Support Hierarchical and Tiered commission profile
  • Support Multiple Stage commission payout
  • Automate commission amount generation during sales confirmation
  • Automate commission payout status and readiness based on collection