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1 of The Best Tool Enhancing Customer Satisfaction: Encorp Berhad’s Digital Transformation with ProSales

Encorp Berhad (ENCORP), a leading real estate development company, is dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service and ensuring customer satisfaction. With their recent implementation of ProFix at Lily Encorp Cahaya Alam, a cutting-edge digital solution, ENCORP has taken a significant step towards enhancing their customer service in the crucial stage of vacant possession handover. This innovative approach not only promotes transparency and effective communication but also strengthens ENCORP’s brand reputation as a customer-centric organization. By leveraging ProFix, ENCORP is committed to providing quality customer service and driving sustainable development goals.

Transparency and Communication via ProFix Apps

One of the key benefits of implementing ProFix in the vacant possession handover process at Lily Encorp Cahaya Alam is the enhanced transparency it brings to communication between homeowners, contractors, and the customer care team. ProFix provides a user-friendly platform that allows seamless communication, enabling homeowners to stay informed about the progress of their units and any related concerns. Through the ProFix app, homeowners can access updates, submit queries, and receive prompt responses from the customer care team. This transparency builds trust, ensures efficient problem-solving, and ultimately enhances the overall customer experience.


Ensuring Quality Customer Service

With the implementation of ProFix at Lily Encorp Cahaya Alam, ENCORP demonstrates its commitment to providing quality customer service. ProFix streamlines the vacant possession handover process, ensuring that homeowners receive their units efficiently and with minimal delays. By digitizing and automating various aspects of the handover process, such as documentation and defect reporting, ProFix enables ENCORP to deliver a seamless experience to homeowners. The system’s accuracy and efficiency contribute to a smooth handover, creating a positive impression and fostering long-term customer satisfaction.


Strengthening Brand Reputation

ENCORP’s adoption of ProFix for vacant possession handover not only enhances customer service but also strengthens its brand reputation. By embracing digital transformation, ENCORP showcases its commitment to innovation and responsiveness to customer needs. The transparent and efficient handover process facilitated by ProFix at Lily Encorp Cahaya Alam leaves a lasting impression on homeowners, enhancing their perception of ENCORP as a trustworthy and reliable developer. This positive brand reputation contributes to increased customer loyalty and positive word-of-mouth recommendations, driving future business growth.

Contributing to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

ENCORP’s implementation of ProFix at Lily Encorp Cahaya Alam aligns with its commitment to sustainable development goals. By going digital and reducing paper usage in the handover process, ENCORP demonstrates its environmental consciousness and reduces its ecological footprint. This digital transformation not only streamlines operations but also contributes to the conservation of resources, aligning with SDG 12 (Responsible Consumption and Production). ENCORP’s proactive approach to sustainability further enhances its brand image as an environmentally responsible developer.


Anticipating the Future

ENCORP’s implementation of ProFix for vacant possession handover at Lily Encorp Cahaya Alam represents not just a conclusion, but a compelling glimpse into the future. This innovative step embodies ENCORP’s unyielding pursuit of customer satisfaction and sustainable progress. By leveraging ProFix’s transparency and communication capabilities, ENCORP enhances its customer service and strengthens its brand reputation as a customer-centric organization. The adoption of ProFix also demonstrates ENCORP’s commitment to digital innovation and environmental sustainability. With ProFix, ENCORP sets a new standard in the real estate industry, showcasing its dedication to delivering exceptional customer experiences while contributing to the achievement of sustainable development goals.

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