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1 of The Best Tool Maximizing Efficiency in New Property Development with ProSales

In the dynamic world of property development, two key elements stand out: efficiency and customer satisfaction. OCR Group, a prominent player in the real estate industry, was well aware of the importance of these factors. In 2019, OCR Group achieved a significant milestone in their quest to stay ahead in the competitive property development landscape. They successfully implemented ProSales, a comprehensive digital solution specifically tailored for their sales booking system. This strategic move empowered OCR Group to streamline their sales processes, enhance efficiency, and deliver an exceptional customer experience. With ProSales in place, OCR Group had the tools they needed to elevate their operations and stand out in the real estate industry. Building on this success, OCR Group further bolstered their operations in 2022 with the adoption of ProFix, a digital defect management tool designed for property handover and defect submission. Together, these innovative platforms have not only transformed OCR Group’s approach to property development but have also set new industry benchmarks while redefining the customer experience.

Efficient Property Booking with ProSales

ProSales, digital solution was tailored specifically for their sales booking system, empowering agents and salespersons to streamline the entire property booking process. With ProSales, agents can efficiently lock the units that customers select and facilitate booking fees payment, ensuring a smooth and seamless booking experience.

The capabilities of ProSales extend beyond just the sales booking process. Sales Admins can effectively track the signing dates of Sales and Purchase Agreements (SPAs) for each unit, allowing for better organization and management. Additionally, ProSales provides a comprehensive system for solicitors to easily track the required documents, ensuring a streamlined and efficient documentation process.

By harnessing the power of ProSales, OCR Group has been able to elevate their sales operations to a whole new level. The user-friendly interface and advanced features of the system have revolutionized how property bookings are managed, enhancing the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the sales team. With ProSales, OCR Group is equipped with a dynamic tool that not only optimizes the property booking process but also ensures seamless collaboration between different stakeholders, further solidifying OCR Group’s position as a leader in the real estate industry.

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Embracing Digitalization During the Pandemic

As the world grappled with the pandemic’s challenges, OCR Group demonstrated resilience by utilizing ProSales for monitoring five projects’ sales journey. This decision proved invaluable, enabling OCR Group to continue their operations despite the restrictions and uncertainties. ProSales’ robust capabilities allowed OCR Group to maintain communication with potential buyers, showcase virtual property tours, and manage sales processes efficiently. The pandemic served as a catalyst, reinforcing the significance of digitalization in the property development landscape.

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ProFix: Empowering Efficient Defect Management

In 2022, OCR Group took another momentous step towards excellence by implementing ProFix, an outstanding defect management tool. Prior to ProFix, managing defects proved to be a time-consuming and often inefficient process. However, with the integration of ProFix, OCR Group effortlessly streamlined VP appointments, key collections, and handovers through a centralized online portal. As a result, homeowners now enjoy a seamless and hassle-free experience, thanks to the efficient digital process that eliminates the need for physical interactions and paperwork. ProFix has proven to be an empowering solution, enabling homeowners to effortlessly submit defect reports through a user-friendly app. The detailed submissions, complemented by images, ensured a crystal-clear understanding of the issues, enabling OCR Group to address defects promptly and efficiently. The introduction of real-time updates and notifications facilitated seamless communication between homeowners, contractors, and project managers, ultimately minimizing delays and significantly enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

Comprehensive Defect Management Made Easy

ProFix’s comprehensive defect management tools elevated OCR Group’s approach to handling defects. The platform provided an organized and centralized system to track defect progress, maintain meticulous records, and monitor defect resolution trends. OCR Group could analyze the data, identify recurring issues, and implement data-driven decisions for continuous improvement. With ProFix, defect management became an organized and efficient process, enhancing OCR Group’s reputation as a developer committed to delivering high-quality homes.

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A Customer-Centric Approach

OCR Group’s adoption of ProSales and ProFix reflects their unwavering commitment to customer-centricity. These digital solutions have empowered OCR Group to provide exceptional customer experiences, meeting the evolving needs of modern property buyers. The seamless property handover process and efficient defect management instill confidence in homeowners, establishing OCR Group as a reliable and trustworthy developer.

Redefining Property Development

OCR Group’s journey with ProSales and ProFix exemplifies the transformative power of digitalization in the property development industry. By embracing these innovative platforms, OCR Group has set new standards for efficiency, customer satisfaction, and overall excellence. Their success story showcases the potential of technology to revolutionize traditional processes, making property development more streamlined, convenient, and customer-centric.

OCR Group’s successful implementation of ProSales and ProFix has revolutionized their property development practices. By leveraging these cutting-edge digital solutions, OCR Group has streamlined property handovers, empowered efficient defect management, and redefined the customer experience. Embracing digitalization during challenging times, OCR Group demonstrated adaptability and resilience, strengthening their position as an industry leader. As the real estate landscape continues to evolve, OCR Group’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction will undoubtedly keep them at the forefront of the property development industry.

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