4 in 1 Smart Solution

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Few reasons why you should get into 4 in 1 Smart Solution Now!

Technology has been contributing to our everyday life for decades, whether you like it or not, they are the way of life for our generation. Everybody loves convenience, but where can we find such Innovation? Now this is where Smart Solution come into play. Smart Solution is a term used for technology being the way to solve your problem. It could be anything from having the light turn on by itself whenever it detects the room is too dark, to gate opening by itself when the owner is back.

There are tons of Smart Technology outside in the world that has many benefits, each one of them is has a purpose in life. But today, we will dive down into something more specific, something which revolves around our daily life, Smart Solution for homeowners.

What is 4 in 1 Smart Solution?

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So you asked, what is this 4 in 1 smart solution? It consists of AI, Smart Home, Smart Estate and Smart Community. Each one of them focuses on different area of the same playing field, I will break them down for you worry not. So first, what do they mean 4 in 1? This means that everything is connected to one ecosystem or in short, having one software application that has these 4 features.

  • AI – improves day-to-day property management tasks by using software and automation.
  • Smart Home – allows a home to be entirely automated which provides convenience for day-to-day activity.
  • Smart Estate – makes property management easier with building maintenance analytics and a driven smart real estate solution.
  • Smart Community – Improve the community sense of belonging and makes resolving issue more convenient.

For a more detailed explanation, I will drop my experience and examples down below to give you an insight whether Smart/AI Technology is for you.

Why Use Smart Technology over traditional methods?

Smart Solution creates a comfortable, convenient, and affordable hardware and software for homeowners and property managers to better maintain their residential area. Here down below are the few reasons why you should be using smart devices instead of a traditional way.

Better long-term investment

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From my experience, sure you turn on the lights, switch on the air conditioning, boiling water or even opening the gates manually. Everything feels normal right? But what if I tell you there’s a way to save all the time and energy without doing everything. This is where Smart Home Technology come into play. You might be wondering wont applying Smart Home into my home be costly? Well sure, Smart Home appliances cost more than the usual but if you think about it long-term, Smart Home Technology is saving you thousands of dollars by cutting energy usage. For example, Smart Bulbs are the most common Smart Home appliances people uses, they use about 75% less energy and last about 25 times longer than your conventional bulb and with the additional function of dimming the bulb, you can save another 40%. In a scenario even if you forgot whether any of your Smart Home appliances is on or off, with a tap on your smartphone/tablet, you’re able to view what appliances is on or off.

Advance management method

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If you lived in an apartment, you know what it feels like to have messy booking facilities system, missing out on important notice on the board or even visitors coming in and out without registering properly. These are the main issues faced by the people in the residents and trying to find a better way. Well with Smart Estate, everything can be done through your smartphone/tablet. Booking a badminton court can be done with a single tap, any notice from the board can be view through the smartphone/tablet and visitors can now pre-register and use QR code as a visitor pass to enter the area. Smart Estate technologies can help reduce operational costs and improves the quality of life for everybody. So as a homeowner or even a property developer, it’s a win-win situation.

Connecting the dots with a single tap

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With the community I lived in, everybody is just doing their own thing. And when things do not come to an agreement during the meeting it can be very tiresome and difficult for majority of the homeowners. That’s why we have Smart Community, it offers a better way to solve issues and offer convenience to everyone. For example, rather than finding a time to meet physically which is hassle to most people due to different individuals having different time schedules. Smart Community provides a way of voting through a smartphone/tablet with a time limit.

Remember what you see above are just a few examples here and there, just imaging the endless possibilities Smart Technology offers. If you’re interested in knowing more about 4 in 1 Smart Solution, be sure to check out our website at ProSales and contact us for more information.